est ce que ce resumé est juste: Mitt Romney is best known for his credentials as a business executive. He served as Massachusetts governor for one term and he has been running for president nearly nonstop since 2007, but his strength as a businessman is an advantage in an election dominated by economic discussions. Mr. Romney is trying to persuade voters that President Obama’s policies have not worked and that he should be elected to complete the nation’s economic recovery. The room for error for Mr. Romney is narrow. He must win several states that voted Democratic four years ago, particularly a combination of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia and at least one other state. His campaign is also trying to catch up to the president’s team, which has been steadily building an organization for more than a year. He must energize Republicans, while appealing to independent voters, including many of those who supported Mr. Obama last time.

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En effet, ton texte ne contient aucunes fautes sauf que "nonstop" ce n'est pas colé.. tu dois l'écrire comme ça : non stop.